This has to be the busiest start to a wasp season I can remember in the last 20 years or so. Multiple jobs often with multiple nests. Some of these nest are well advanced and it is likely there will be some really large nests by the time we get into August. Fieldkraft offers a local service for local people in Stamford, Peterborough, Rutland and East Northamptonshire.

Covid 19 update.

With more businesses due to open in the coming days I would like to inform all Fieldkraft customers that we are able to offer a Ultra Low Volume (ULV) disinfectant spray treatment for internal areas of buildings. Such treatments meet the “deep clean” Covid 19 criteria required in most internal work place scenario’s. We are able to offer this service to customers in the Rutland, Stamford, Peterborough and East Northamptonshire areas. For any additional advice please drop us a line or give us a call.

Wasps and Ants

I thought with the current weather forecast, It was worth making customers aware that there is a potential for increased insect activity over the next ten days or so. Coming out of a long dry spell into a damp spell with increasing temperatures will see a rise in humidity. Warm humid weather is ideal for insects and thundery type conditions can act as a trigger for some behaviours. Reports of Bee swarms and Ant problems have been relatively quite so far but I expect that to change over the coming days. Honey Bees can often be removed safely and relocated, if dealt with promptly but in certain situations, if left to become established are far more difficult to deal with. Control problematic Ants now and significantly reduce the chance of flying ants later in the season. From Kingscliffe to Kings Dyke, Rutland to Raunds. Fieldkraft Pest Control and Wildlife Management, a local company for the local communities.

Pest Control for Stamford and Peterborough

Whilst the current situation leaves us all wondering what the future may bring, mother nature seems to carry on regardless. Little thought seems to have been given as to whether Covid 19 can be transmitted by animals, particularly those that are usually considered to be pest species. I am informed that there is some work being undertaken in the US in relation to rats but have not seen any official reports thus far. Meanwhile animals are oblivious to the problems the pandemic is causing to the human population and many are doing what they do best. Whilst rat jobs remain steady there seems anecdotally, to be fewer early season insect related calls, whether this is due to the prolonged warm dry spell, who can tell? I have started to pick up a few ant calls and one thing that does seem to be on the increase this year are rabbits. Historically a lot of my work used to involve rabbit control but over recent years due to Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD,) numbers plummeted and over the last 7 or 8 years I have undertaken very little work. This year however i have seen for myself a growing population locally and an increase in enquiries about the type of control methods available.
Fieldkraft offers local solutions for local pest problems, many of which can be achieved whilst maintaining social distancing. If you are experiencing pest problems and are unsure about what options are available to you, drop me a line.

As we move into Autumn

As we start to move between seasons so the focus will start to move toward the usual rodent pests. The wasp season has been very up and down and still has a while to go but with the delayed harvest now in full swing and September rapidly approaching rats will be looking for winter quarters. The summer may not lived up to expectations but if the successful breeding of some non pest species (I can not remember the last time I saw so many Mallard ducks and Greylag geese) are anything to go by, you can be sure the rats have prospered. My comment about the ducks is made all the more surprising considering that I recently took three Mink from one trap in the space of five days. If you are experiencing any pest control problems with any of the above mentioned pests, Fieldkraft can offer a solution. A local business for local people.


Squirrels, squirrels, where did all these squirrels come from? Currently trapping, baiting and shooting in three locations. I am not sure why there appears to be such an increase in numbers locally but one poor customer has had two wiring issues within their house. I have taken three from the roof space but more still being seen. The little devils even took up residency in one of my owl boxes (albeit on a temporary basis.) I can hardly find time to keep up with the moles which also seem to be on the march at present. Fieldkraft pest control, offering solutions to your pest control problems in Peterborough, Stamford, Rutland and East Northants.

New Year

With a steady start to the New Year it has to be said that the prolonged period of mild whether up to and beyond Christmas, that there seems to have been a decline in calls regarding rats and mice. Still getting the usual calls for moles and the occasional squirrel job but quieter than normal. Nature has its own way of levelling things out and i would guess that contrasting busy wasp season compared to the quieter rodent season has resulted in a similar number of calls throughout the last 12 months. The cold weather of the last week or so might see a change in the number and type of complaints coming in and I would remind you all that if you live in Stamford, Peterborough, Rutland or East Northants that Fieldkraft is here to resolve your pest problems.


Autumn seems to have arrived all of a sudden. The leaves are an array of colours or already falling. Having reached an age of over half a century I had never before witnessed such a congregation of Swallows and House Martins as I did this year, before they migrated for the winter. The hedgerows are full of berries and we have already had several ground frosts, this mornings being quite sharp in sheltered areas. All this seems to have bought the usual suspects to the fore, rats, mice and moles seem to preparing themselves for the challenge of winter and their behaviour and activity seems particularly busy. Read in to that what you will. I have been trapping rodents in some number for several weeks. Trapping is always a combination of skill and luck and can be more time consuming than using poison bait. As such we (those in the pest control business,) are being encouraged to use more non toxic alternatives where possible. Without giving free advertising on this medium, I have to say that one manufacturer has excelled themselves by producing a “non-toxic monitoring bait” which is that palatable it’s results are brilliant when used on traps for rats and mice. If you find yourself with problems involving rodents or moles Fieldkraft offers solutions to suit all, give us a call.

I have caught many things around, on or in a chicken coup but this little cormorant has to be the most unusual. Not sure why it choose to roost there and certainly the chickens did not seem bothered by it. Now I know in many situations these little “Scallies” are considered a pest (and rightly so around managed fisheries) but with no lawful reason or licence to take this bird it was very fortunate to be returned. I do not think it could believe it’s luck, particularly after taking a liking to my finger!